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[ENGLISH] Clan Rules / Application Form

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Clan rules:

1. A member of our team has not to be a dick. He has to be a real man.

2. Every team member (except Veterans) needs to have working headphones and microphone, and communication programms such as Skype or Mumble.

3. Team member doesn't have to hehistate his voice, he has to talk through Skype / Mumble.

4. Reasons to be kicked from clan:

4.1. Always obey to leaders.

4.2. Insulting parents.

4.3. You can't play against your clan for your another team / fun-team.

5. Cheating leads to immediate kick.

6. No filthy language on our website.

7. You have to put [Fired_uP] tag in-game.

8. Visit website and forum regularly.

9. Respect clanmates and don't insult them.

10. Our clan denies traitors. Traitor is any person who left team without any valid reason.

11. Our team is built on friendship, it has some laws and traditions that you have to follow. Also you have to maintain friendship.

12. For long inactivity, clan member may be kicked from team.

13. Only Administration can accept players into team.

14. To become Elite member you have to make invaluable help to our team, help in organising actions, have his own point of view, be active in discussing and solving different problems.

15. Descision about accepting players is made by voting system. Voting can't finish before 1 day after application was created.

16. Administration and captains represent clan interests in public discussions.

17. If you have conflict situations, ask leaders for help, because their descision is awesome.

18. Clan members can:

18.1. Take part in team management

18.2. You can state your opinion about different situations

18.3. You may leave clan anytime, according to formal procedures, such as application.

19. Clan Owner has exceptional rights on making descisions and changing descisions made by team management.

20. You have to be older than 16 years old (exception for some players, invited by administration)

21. In your application, in 11th question, type that you do not agree with rules article 25 and also first and last letters of your nickname with a last number of your year of birth between them (ex. - iGallardo, 1995 -> i5o)

22. Girls in our team have same rights as boys do.




Application form:

1. Your real name

2. Your nickname

3. Your ICQ number

4. Your age

5. Your experience in game (months, years)

6. How many hours a day do you spend in game?

7. Your skills (Photoshop, movie making, etc)

8. All your previous clans and reasons of leaving

9. All your clans where you've been on test period and reasons of leaving

10. All clans you've tried to join, but wasn't accepted

11. Do you agree with clan rules?

12. Why you decided to join our clan?

13. Where do you live (city and country)?

14. Your Skype nickname. Do you have microphone and Mumble?

15. What weapon pack do you use?

16. Your Serial ID (for MTA)

17. What type of multiplayer do you play? (MTA: Race, MTA: DM, MTA:DD, SA:MP)

18. Your photo or Vkontakte / Facebook profile

19. Marital status. Place of work / studying. Information can be copied from Vkontakte / Facebook

20. Do you have mental diseases, such as split personality, lunatism, paranoia?

21. Do you have vision problems? Do you wear glasses or lenses?

22. If our clan will disband because of you, what will you do?

23. Your attitude to inter-ethnic strife? Do you have Nazi views?

24. Do you have any sexual diseases: necrophilia, zoophilia, pedophilia?

25. Do you follow personal hygiene? Are you ready to wear business clothes on clan trainings?

26. Recommendations from your previous teams

27. Here you have to provide medical records to prove that you can play all day long

28. Imagine that we started to have trainings at night? Are you ready to wake up at 3 am to play with us?

29. What color do you choose when playing chess? Does your answer refer to your answer to question number 21?

30. Political views: communist, socialist, guitarist?

31. Your favourite movies

32. Do you have pernicious habits? (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes)

33. Are you religious? What religion do you follow?

34. It's not a question. If you lied in your application you may be kicked as soon as possible. Remember, we don't need you in our clan, and you have to prove why we need you in our team.

35. Tell us about yourself in 4-5 sentences.

36. In our clan girls have full rights. Do you accept that?

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