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  1. Never played vs Fired_uP and it's my new nickname. ;)
  2. 1.Your name Ginius 2.Your nickname ldeology 3. Your ICQ number - 4. Your age: 16 5. Your experience in game (months, years) 4 years 6 months 6. How many hours a day do you spend in game? 2 - 4 hours. 7. Your skills (Photoshop, movie making, etc) Photoshop: 2 - 3 Move making: 4-5 8. All your previous clans and reasons of leaving PP5 - Owner is bad and wanna close team that's why i leave.u8 - Closed but now again restored but i don't want join to u8 9. All your clans where you've been on test period and reasons of leaving 10. All clans you've tried to join, but wasn't accepted 11. Do you agree with clan rules? Sure 12. Why you decided to join our clan? Becouse i think this clan best in the world.And I would like to join this clan 13. Where do you live (city and country)? Lithuania Kaunas 14. Your Skype nickname. Do you have microphone and Mumble? steelseries74 / Have. 15. What weapon pack do you use? Shotgun + Sniper 16. Your Serial ID (for MTA) - 17. What type of multiplayer do you play? (MTA: Race, MTA: DM, MTA:DD, SA:MP) SA:MP 18. Your photo or Vkontakte / Facebook profile http://xes.lt/di-P8BPE6B0.jpg 19. Marital status. Place of work / studying. Information can be copied from Vkontakte / Facebook I am still learning 20. Do you have mental diseases, such as split personality, lunatism, paranoia? No i don't have. 21. Do you have vision problems? Do you wear glasses or lenses? I don't have problems with vision. 22. If our clan will disband because of you, what will you do? I will try to restore again Fired_uP clan. 23. Your attitude to inter-ethnic strife? Do you have Nazi views? No don't have. 24. Do you have any sexual diseases: necrophilia, zoophilia, pedophilia? No don't have. 25. Do you follow personal hygiene? Are you ready to wear business clothes on clan trainings? Sure 26. Recommendations from your previous teams PP5. u8 27. Here you have to provide medical records to prove that you can play all day long I don't know how to provide. I can play all day but i don't like play all day. :/ 28. Imagine that we started to have trainings at night? Are you ready to wake up at 3 am to play with us? Sure. 29. What color do you choose when playing chess? Does your answer refer to your answer to question number 21? Black 30. Political views: communist, socialist, guitarist? Communist 31. Your favourite movies: Never Back Down 32. Do you have pernicious habits? (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes) No. 33. Are you religious? What religion do you follow? Christians 34. It's not a question. If you lied in your application you may be kicked as soon as possible. Remember, we don't need you in our clan, and you have to prove why we need you in our team. 35. Tell us about yourself in 4-5 sentences. My name is Ginius i'm live in Lithuania.I like futbooll/sport at gym i have girl.I understand english but can't good write i can speak english.And i'm wanna join to your clan and be the best with your clan members. 36. In our clan girls have full rights. Do you accept that? Sure
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